Thursday, March 3, 2011

Challenge Day 3

Today is day 3 of the challenge.  I've been happy with my outfits so far; I feel like I've been able to get a good variety, especially since I woke up this morning feeling like a t-shirt.  But, it is day 3.  Ask me in a few days! 

You'll notice I ditched putting the belt in the belt loops - its thick leather and I felt stuffy with the belt in the belt loops in the middle (where I usually put this particular accessory since it draws the eye).  But today, I felt like my outfit needed a little more oomph, so I switched it on over and rebelled against the belt loops.

Clothing for today's outfit can be found here, earrings from Tilly, belt from Buckle, shoes are Jessica Simpson (it's the Dafa pump, but check out the updated Lepolia flat).  But my favorite part of this outfit isn't even my clothing - its my lip gloss, which you can't even see. 

Here's the scoop: my mom watched The Celebrity Apprentice (starting up again this Monday, March 6) with Sharon Osbourne, and decided she had the most beautiful lips you've ever seen.  So she went into Sephora and was sold on YSL Gloss Pur to help mimic the look.  And then she decided she didn't like the smell and sent it on over to me where I fully adopted it!  For the record, I don't think it smells.  It adds the perfect amount of color and shine to my lips and lasts for several hours.  I love LOVE it. 

And now I'm thinking my outfit needs a necklace.  Any suggestions? 
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