Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness, Color Style!


The first round of March Madness starts today!  Ya, I'm not really into basketball either, BUT I am hosting a GIVEAWAY based on who can correctly guess the final four and the winner of the NCAA tournament based on team COLORS!
(Click photo to enlarge)

1.  You must be a follower of my blog to enter.
2.  Make four choices of who will be in the Final Four.
3.  Make it official and leave it in the comments below.
4.  Entries must be submitted by the Second Round (March 19, this Saturday).

Since there are no team names or numbers on this bracket, you'll have to either tell me the colors or number them in your head and give me those (I prefer the numbers).  East is #1-16 (1 is red/gray, 2 is orange/blue/white or black/yellow, 3 is green/yellow, etc.),  West is #17-32, Southwest is #33-48, and Southeast is #49-64.

The Prizes:
If your team makes it to the Final Four, you will receive Band Aid's Friction Block Stick.  If you guess the National Champion, you also get a Mary Kay Foundation Brush and a Limited Edition Glee Nail Polish!

Updates will be posted throughout the tournament.  Final Four winners will be announced April 2 and National Championship winners will be posted April 5.  You must respond by April 12 to receive prizes. Contest open only to continental U.S. residents, one entry per person.