Thursday, December 13, 2007

Campaign for Real Beauty

This video has been out for a while, but I thought I would share anyway.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Modest - Fashion?

Recently companies like Shade, ModBod, Funky Frum, and Alysses have been breaking into the fashion market by generating modest clothing. Either by being able to adjust what you already own, or by buying already modest attire, these companies are trying to make it big, not just in the religious markets.

Being in "happy valley" where many of these companies get their start, I've had the opportunity to watch them start up and possibly grow. I have to be honest, I can be a cynic. I thought for sure most of the companies would be gone by the time the next fad came along - instead of long layers, the baby T would knock them all out of business.

But Shade, for example, has grown and is now onto a dress line. They went from undershirts, to shirts, and now on to dresses. They have even started to branch into maternity! Alysses is popular in the wedding dress market - no, I did not buy mine there. Mostly in the western half of the United States, Alysses is the first stop most brides go to. The ModBod follows closely behind Shade, at a more affordable price range, and includes swim. Funky Frum was started by a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Sold only online, this website offers "chic modest apparel."

But this post is not to support these companies. It is to let you know these companies are sticking around for a while - longer than I would have imagined, and the population of modest clothing is growing! I have found a new magazine that has done an amazing job at promoting modest fashions - it has wowed me from the beginning. It is Eliza. It can be found in boutique stores in Arizona, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah (see website for locations). A 1-year quarterly subscription is under $14. It is simply one of the best fashion magazines I've ever seen that supports the modest cause. I've also found The Modest List, which includes more websites of modest fashion, even some that benefit orphaned children in Cambodia!

So take a look at these sites and enjoy some modest shopping for a change!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I just discovered this new shoe website - Piperlime.
The weirdest thing? It's owned by Gap Inc.
So far I've heard great things about it, so check it out!
(If you're not a fan, check out Zappos)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Green Movement

So one of the newest trends is to "Go Green" and be environmentally friendly. NBC changed their logo to the color green and the channel USA often has pop-ups referring to this movement. But I had to laugh when I saw this . . . I think someone took the concept a little too far -

It's a "Raw Bag Matchstick Wallet" . . . yours for only $18.00 during the holidays!!!
Who comes up with these things?!?!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Formal Apology

Yes, I never write anymore. I'm engaged, a working girl, and finishing school....What did you expect? ;)

I'll be better!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Power of Teal 2

Some magazines will tell you that teal is the up and coming make up color. Because of my love for the color, I would love to agree but my recent shopping trip to Sephora would suggest otherwise. So. If you're on the lookout for some teal eyeliner (nothing too bright, just perfect for all eye colors) check out the brand Nars. It's called Kaliste.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Travel Tips

Pack light is the advice one always gets. My advice, don't pack light, pack smart. Pack things that are mix and match-able. When I pick specific outfits beforehand, I get bored with my clothes. Being on vacation and being bored with your clothes is not a good combination. But if you throw in some outfits that could be combined in several ways, you always get the opportunity to make it a little different each time you wear it. And who knows? Maybe it will go with that pair of earrings you bought at the tourist shop!

Some other things to remember:
~You can wear more than just jeans on vacation.
Skirts are great - they come both casual and dressy. Nice slacks are good choices for evening activities.
~Buy a travel steamer!
Ironing is sometimes bothersome, and if you can't pack exactly right, you have lots of wrinkles. Jiffy Steamer has a great travel steamer. (Let me know if you're going to buy one, I can help you out).
~Take a variety of clothes with you.
Often if you're going to a new place, you don't always know what goes on in the local life. Bring a variety of dressy-ness for activities that may be planned or unplanned!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dressing Up 2

So it's getting to be that time in our relationship . . . you all know the time . . . it's meet the family time. But even with the pressure of meeting parents and family members, you must always remember to dress the part! Here's my example of practicing what I preach . . . I attended a church meeting with Soren, meeting one of his favorite role models, his mission president. I dressed the part. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dressing Up

My boyfriend and I recently had the opportunity to go to the Utah Festival Opera and watch The Most Happy Fella and Showboat up in Logan. Not only were both phenomenal performances, but we had the opportunity to dress up for the event. Which is interesting, especially because the "older" generation thinks that "dressing up" is a foreign idea to my generation. But I have good news for all, not only were stares in our direction because we might have been one of the few younger couples there, but we also might have been one of the best dressed couples there.
Which is exactly what I like to be.
So, the moral of the story is, it's okay that people look at you. I'm kidding.
But the importance of learning how to dress up is valuable. Unfortunately, too many people judge others by their "covers" and looks and you should always be putting your best foot forward, and also your best look. So get out and do something fun and DRESS UP!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Money Money Money

Usually when people want me to go shopping with them they get really worried. They assume because I enjoy wearing nice clothing, I spend lots of money.
Here's a hint: I'm a college student, and therefore, I'm broke.
I shop on the sales rack!
Now that worries people too! They think if you shop sale, you shop trash. Not so. Pick your favorite store, figure out their cycle - when they get new shipments in, how often things go on sale. If you are a common size, sometimes you can afford to wait the two weeks until it goes on sale. If you're lucky to ever find your size, sale racks may not be for you and you may pay full price. Always shop end of season sales. You may not be able to wear them for a season, but you saved money, and if it isn't trendy, it will last you more seasons to come!

Note - If you are on a deadline - you need a dress for tonight or a sport coat for that party tomorrow, good luck shopping sales, you might pay the price for late notice!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Humble Heels

Heels . . . Some say they are uncomfortable. . . others say they are too tall . . .
but I say there can be no better bliss than a good pair of heels!
As I put on my brand new pair of slacks from Banana Republic (bought for a steal on sale, go shopping!) I once again saw that my legs are not always as long as I hope them to be, and must put on a pair of heels (my favorite Kenneth Cole pair) to make sure my hem doesn't drag across the ground. The point of this post is not to have you shop at Banana or buy Kenneth Cole, but to let you know the power and the secret behind a good pair of heels.

Some helpful tips for buying heels:
Buy a pair you can actually walk in. This takes two things into account: 1. Not something so tall you'll break your ankle and 2. Something with good support and insoles. Heels have come a long way from uncomfortable and can now be your favorite pair of shoes.
(like my 3-inch Antonio Melani wedge heels) Most have plenty of cushion and a thicker heel to help you walk easier and to provide more support. Don't buy pointed-toe shoes because they tend to cram your toes. Give your feet some room to breathe! Also buy a pair you absolutely love! If you already hate heels, buying a cheap ugly pair will not change your mind. Spend time shopping! It will be well worth it!

My last note goes to you women with significant others who are close in height or shorter than you. Your guy may not want you to wear heels because it makes you taller than him. True, the social norm is to have the man taller. However, because that little bit of a heel will extend the line of your leg and make you look taller and skinnier, and more beautiful than ever - how can he complain?
Wear those heels with pride!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Special Saturdays!

Saturdays are my favorite days! No school, no work, just play!! AND my boyfriend comes home today! Anyone think I should wear teal for my date tonight? :)

Besides that good news, I have had another epiphany. I'm sure this has something to do with the fact that my roommate is an awesome hair dresser (this also would explain the "deep purple" that currently resides in my hair) But layers are my new best friends. . . and yours too! Even with my clients I recommend layers - they don't have to be short or choppy but just give yourself a little more volume and a little more fun!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Power of Teal

Teal happens to be one of my very favorite colors! The greatest part about it too is that everyone looks good in it! It goes with black, brown, navy blue, and almost any other color! I had a conversation with a friend just the other day and we both just wished everyone owned something teal in their closet!!
Especially you blue and green-eyed gals!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

It's official, I can now call myself a blogger!
This being my first entry, I'll make it short and sweet.
I plan on adding pictures of
friends, families, and fashion dos-and-donts!

Enjoy my blog and visit frequently!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Questions & Answers

Having a fashion crisis? Need a question answered? Email

Q: I am trying to figure out what exactly is black tie attire for a woman. I was thinking a floor length or long gown. Can you give me some more input? Also, it is very hard to find something that is long and modest with out looking over 4o, any suggestions? - Kaci
A: Black tie and modest seem to be two things that never intertwine. Most evening wear comes with sleeves in the form of a shawl - something to add some warmth but doesn't detract from the dress itself. This presents some problems for modest dress-wearers. However, they can be found - and never think you have to wear a dress as-is. There are excellent tailors and alterations. You can find them through their associations ( is one of them) or by word of mouth.
Black tie is definately long and floorlength. The more leg you show, the more it becomes defined as "cocktail." Stay away from poofy, and stick with fabrics and silhouettes that complement your body and drape beautifully. Be careful on color - black is always safe, but can get monotonous or boring. Going flashy with a red will make you stand out - but limits how often you can wear the dress - people are sure to remember you as "the girl in the gorgeous red dress." Black dresses seem to get the frumpiest the quickest once you add sleeves on them. Shop the internet, shop specialty stores, and shop boutiques - the little known stores often have the best finds! Don't underestimate department stores either - each department store has a different inventory and some are better than others!
Try these websites to give you some ideas of where to look at all price ranges: Shopzilla Bluefly

Q: What's the best outfit to wear to a casual interview for a man? - SonofStarley
A: The hardest part to decide on is the tie - always wear nice slacks with a button-down, collared shirt. I would wear something that is patterned: stripes, checked, or a solid color that is not white. You need to look professional but presentable. Ties get iffy - if its really casual you can bet your interviewer isn't wearing a tie. But remember - it's better to be overdressed than underdressed!

Where do you usually shop for your shoes? Any favorite stores? I am looking for some brown peep toe pumps. - The Perkins Clan
A: Favorite stores-that's a hard question to answer! For heels, my favorites are Nordstroms and Dillards. But remember, I have funky feet and they sell brands that fit (Steve Maddens I will sadly never be able to wear)! If you're looking for brown peep-toe pumps, I would recommend shopping now. A lot of stores are getting new merchandise in for back to school and thus putting most of their inventory on sale. Dillards was having a great sale last Saturday in their shoe department. Also, DSW Shoe Warehouse usually has a good selection of all kinds of shoes, and usually you can get a pretty good deal on the price. Remember - I'm available for personal shopping, and I'll be in town on Wednesday. :)

Q: What are some of your favorite "haunts" for clothes hunting? You know, hunting season is almost here. ;) - The Perkins Clan
A: I'm assuming this is another question about my favorite places to shop. As always, it depends on what you're looking for. My best advice to be able to get the best price possible, is simply to stalk your store. Pick a store that you love and go there as many times as your time frame can allow. (DON'T buy something every time you go!!) You'll be able to recognize new merchandise, you'll see how often they get new shipments, how often they markdown - then you're on your way to becoming a shopping guru! Subscribe to their magazine if they have one! If you shop frequently at one store long enough, they usually have rewards programs. So the answer to the question is not where are my favorite haunts - it's where would you like to set up camp?