Monday, March 7, 2011

Challenge Day 5 and 6

 Day 5 of the Challenge
Details on the clothes are found here.  Boots are Skechers, belt is from Wet Seal, and the scarf is from my mom (perhaps Dillards?).  See my other looks here.
And this is simply because I think my little girl is so cute.

On Day 6 of this challenge I could have SCREAMED.  Not because I didn't have anything to wear, but because there was MORE SNOW outside my door.  Isn't it Spring yet????  So my outfit is depressing because I have to wear this big coat.  Sigh.
Scarf is from Gap, tights are from Express, and shoes are Gianni Bini.  If you can find this same shoe, please email me, I will buy 3 more just like them.  Earrings, if you can see them, are from Dillards for $3.00!  I love their clearance racks, and they currently have some great stuff on there.

Tip:  Monochromatic (no matter what color) is very slimming.  Black shoes plus black tights plus black skirt equals a great way to dress slim!

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