Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plus size

Forever 21 and Nordstroms have now launched plus sizes - and Nordstroms magazine's ads for it are incredible. The women are gorgeous and dressed perfectly for their figures.

The above is from Nordstroms for $189.00, also comes in black

Forever 21's line is called faith 21. It's in select stores and online. Great for your money!!

The above shirt is from Forever 21 for $19.80.

Foot Friction No More!

A friend recommended the Band Aid Friction Block Stick to me, saying it was like a deoderant stick for your feet....HUH? What she didn't tell me what that it's like putting an invisible band-aid on you foot. If you feel like your shoes are rubbing and you might be getting a blister, you simply swipe some where it rubs and VOILA! No more rubbing.

I had to try this out - I bought some at the local drugstore for $6.00. All of my summer shoes have already been broken in so I had nothing to try it on. And then the elevator broke at my job, and a co-worker was complaining of her feet hurting. So I whipped out my Friction Block Stick and asker her to try it. After thinking I'm completely nuts, she tried it. Worked so well, she bought herself some.

Still skeptical, I tried it on the hardest thing I could think of: my $5.00-half-size-too-small Michelle D shoes. Obviously the shoes were on a major sale and not in my size. Nevertheless - I wore these shoes for a solid 9 hours at work just to try it out. I had a back-up pair of heels in my car in case I needed to switch at lunch, but it wasn't needed. No blisters and no rubbing. I now never leave home without it!