Thursday, December 13, 2007

Campaign for Real Beauty

This video has been out for a while, but I thought I would share anyway.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Modest - Fashion?

Recently companies like Shade, ModBod, Funky Frum, and Alysses have been breaking into the fashion market by generating modest clothing. Either by being able to adjust what you already own, or by buying already modest attire, these companies are trying to make it big, not just in the religious markets.

Being in "happy valley" where many of these companies get their start, I've had the opportunity to watch them start up and possibly grow. I have to be honest, I can be a cynic. I thought for sure most of the companies would be gone by the time the next fad came along - instead of long layers, the baby T would knock them all out of business.

But Shade, for example, has grown and is now onto a dress line. They went from undershirts, to shirts, and now on to dresses. They have even started to branch into maternity! Alysses is popular in the wedding dress market - no, I did not buy mine there. Mostly in the western half of the United States, Alysses is the first stop most brides go to. The ModBod follows closely behind Shade, at a more affordable price range, and includes swim. Funky Frum was started by a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Sold only online, this website offers "chic modest apparel."

But this post is not to support these companies. It is to let you know these companies are sticking around for a while - longer than I would have imagined, and the population of modest clothing is growing! I have found a new magazine that has done an amazing job at promoting modest fashions - it has wowed me from the beginning. It is Eliza. It can be found in boutique stores in Arizona, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah (see website for locations). A 1-year quarterly subscription is under $14. It is simply one of the best fashion magazines I've ever seen that supports the modest cause. I've also found The Modest List, which includes more websites of modest fashion, even some that benefit orphaned children in Cambodia!

So take a look at these sites and enjoy some modest shopping for a change!!