Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shape Up Your Eyes!

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Four years ago when I was dating my husband, I was in the awkward phase of growing out my eyebrows.  I actually met my mother-in-law with icky thick eyebrows.  How embarrassing.  I was told the optimal eyebrow was a "Grecian" shape - the curve starting at the inner corner of your eye and continuing past the pupil (2/3rds of the way), and then slanting downwards, in either a curve or angle.  I disagreed COMPLETELY.  I have one particular eyebrow that is quite stubborn and I felt I needed to pluck it to the shape it wanted to be, not what it needed to be. (It wanted to have the arch about 1/3rd of the way in).

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So I started to do my research and naturally I started with Hollywood.  I found out just how wrong I was.  There is not one Hollywood actress who does not have the Grecian shaped eyebrow!  And according to my old roommate, Becca, if you don't have good eyebrows, you never make it to the Top 10 at Miss America!
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How to get the perfect shape:
  1. Grow your eyebrows out.  Not the stragglers that are WAY out there, but to fill in your arch.  It will drive you crazy, but will be worth it in the end!
  2. Go to a professional.  What could be worse than ruining the eyebrows you just worked so hard to grow out?  Check out the salon's credentials before you go anywhere; ask around or check internet reviews.  And always make sure your stylist knows what you are looking for.
  3. Define them.  Make it a part of your routine! Be sure you fill in the spots that aren't so dense with pencil or eyeshadow.  If you're using eyeshadow make sure you're applying it with the right brush.  I like Bare Escentuals Angled Eye Brush. Make them behave with eyebrow gel, my favorite is from Mac, although Ulta has a good product as well
  4. Maintain! Maintain! Maintain!  Get a good pair of tweezers, like Tweezerman.  If you hate to pluck, there are alternatives!  I love the wax from European Wax - I swear its like rubber!  There's also threading.  I haven't tried it, but am incredibly intrigued.

Are your eyebrows just the way you want them to be?  Whose do you envy?


Adiel said...

Great post! I can't help but cringe when I see lovely ladies with terribly thin eyebrows. My mom always taught me, you can always pluck/wax more, but they're a lot more difficult to grow back. I struggle with somewhat sparse eyebrows, so I have to fill them in to look halfway decent. ;)

Image Envy said...

My mom always said the same thing! Your eyebrows look great - I never would have guessed they were sparse! :)