Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gap 20% Off

The Gap Inc. sale continues! Use coupon D7CRDCHL61R8 online at or in any Gap store. Ends February 27.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Piperlime 20% Off

Love Banana Republic? Love Gap? Love Shoes? Welcome to Piperlime...Gap Inc.'s shoe company. Even though shoes are their main seller, Piperlime sells handbags and apparel as well. For first time buyers at Piperlime, use this code MPRZFR282RGL by February 23rd for 20% off your purchase. Plus, they always have free shipping. Offer valid only on shoes and handbags. Shop and enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I heart Layers (and their having a SALE)

First off, let me profess why I love Layers so much - they have an excellent price range, they're not all about casual - they have some great stuff that is easy to make dressy, and their stuff isn't boring....what's not to love?

Second, let me tell you why today and tomorrow are GREAT days...Layers is blowing all their inventory in a two-day warehouse sale (see below flyer for some of their items). They are located in the old Pier 1 store across State Street from Fashion Place Mall (near Sunflower Market). Scarves are $5, regular tees are $6, a variety of shirts are $9-18 and dresses (4 styles, SO CUTE) are the most expensive at $20. Stop by and take a look...I'm going back for more!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Style suspension for a bit? Not anymore!

AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!! How did it get so long and I haven't posted?!?! And several of you have been coming back to check to see if I've updated and I apologize - I will be better!

Thanks to ALL who voted for me in the Dare 2 Design contest and a special thank you to Staci for convincing me I should enter. It was fun to do and I love the sketches I did. And since I'm constantly thinking about color/texture/layer combinations it was right up my alley!

Next, I apologize about my background - it went out every now and then but it officially seems to be out of service now. So I changed templates, made sure all my links work (except for the search box), and tried to put in pertinent information for all my readers!

I'm back in the swing of things and promise to update more often. Thanks for hangin' in, and hope you're enjoing the transition between winter and spring with some fun light scarves!