Friday, February 19, 2010

I heart Layers (and their having a SALE)

First off, let me profess why I love Layers so much - they have an excellent price range, they're not all about casual - they have some great stuff that is easy to make dressy, and their stuff isn't boring....what's not to love?

Second, let me tell you why today and tomorrow are GREAT days...Layers is blowing all their inventory in a two-day warehouse sale (see below flyer for some of their items). They are located in the old Pier 1 store across State Street from Fashion Place Mall (near Sunflower Market). Scarves are $5, regular tees are $6, a variety of shirts are $9-18 and dresses (4 styles, SO CUTE) are the most expensive at $20. Stop by and take a look...I'm going back for more!!

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