Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Shop Smart: The Rule of 3

Most of my clients frustrations about their closets is the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome.  It's not because they don't have any clothes in their closet, but because they don't know how to put together their outfits.

The problem?  It's not in the clothes.  It's not in the closet.  It's in the shopping.  When you pick up something you like and before you take it to the register, ask yourself one question:

What does this go with that I already own?

If you cannot name three things you can wear with it, put it back.  No, I mean it.  Put it down and back away from the register.  This is the Rule of 3, and one of many ways to shop smart.

About two years ago I was shopping with a friend and I found a pair of beautiful Antonio Melani blue patent stilettos.  For $26.70.  Yes, I have a small obsession with blue patent things, no wonder I like Anne Hathaway's Oscar dress.   My first thought was $26.70?  These belong in my closet! And my second thought was What's my husband going to do when I bring these home? So I mentally went through my closet to tell him all the things these beauties go with that I already own:

1. Jeans (yep, generic, but add it to the list, 'cause I'll wear 'em with jeans!)
2. My blue dress
3. My blue suit (I promise, they go together)

And that's how I justified buying the shoes.  And guess what?  I not only convinced my husband I needed the shoe but I have been able to get my moneys worth!  I even found MORE items in my closet that go with these shoes. 

The moral of the story? Do not buy an item if it doesn't already go with at least three things in your closet.

If you follow the Rule of 3, you will:
1. Save money by not wasting it on items you don't wear
2. Be able to mix-and-match your clothes better
3. End up with a more cohesive wardrobe

Try it next time you shop and let me know about your experience.  Happy *smart* shopping!


Kent and Leisy said...

If only I'd known about this rule the last ten years of my life!!!

Image Envy said...

But now you can use it for the next twenty years of your life! :)