Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Challenge Day 16

Day 16!  I started planning the rest of my outfits for this challenge and I'm surprised I still have so many left!  I can definitely tell I'm getting more creative.  Today's outfit, for example, I never added the belt with this shirt.  And now I think it looks plain without it!  Plus, I think the belt help redefines my waist that disappeared after my baby!
Flower is Calvin Klein (detail below), necklace is from Dillards, belt from Ann Taylor Loft, shoes are Antonio Melani.


Amanda Swann said...

Such a cute outfit! Love that shirt.

P.S. PLEASE tell me how the sandwich is. LOL!!

The Cheeky Cafe

Image Envy said...

Thank you! The sandwich was delicious - my husband was so excited to eat it!! Check it out here -