Monday, July 30, 2007

Humble Heels

Heels . . . Some say they are uncomfortable. . . others say they are too tall . . .
but I say there can be no better bliss than a good pair of heels!
As I put on my brand new pair of slacks from Banana Republic (bought for a steal on sale, go shopping!) I once again saw that my legs are not always as long as I hope them to be, and must put on a pair of heels (my favorite Kenneth Cole pair) to make sure my hem doesn't drag across the ground. The point of this post is not to have you shop at Banana or buy Kenneth Cole, but to let you know the power and the secret behind a good pair of heels.

Some helpful tips for buying heels:
Buy a pair you can actually walk in. This takes two things into account: 1. Not something so tall you'll break your ankle and 2. Something with good support and insoles. Heels have come a long way from uncomfortable and can now be your favorite pair of shoes.
(like my 3-inch Antonio Melani wedge heels) Most have plenty of cushion and a thicker heel to help you walk easier and to provide more support. Don't buy pointed-toe shoes because they tend to cram your toes. Give your feet some room to breathe! Also buy a pair you absolutely love! If you already hate heels, buying a cheap ugly pair will not change your mind. Spend time shopping! It will be well worth it!

My last note goes to you women with significant others who are close in height or shorter than you. Your guy may not want you to wear heels because it makes you taller than him. True, the social norm is to have the man taller. However, because that little bit of a heel will extend the line of your leg and make you look taller and skinnier, and more beautiful than ever - how can he complain?
Wear those heels with pride!


The Perkins Clan said...

I love it Ash! Last summer I gave up the "but I'll be taller" argument and bought a pair of navy strappy heels. I love them and want more! Where do you usually shop for your shoes? Any favorite stores? I am looking for some brown peep toe pumps. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I definitely will not wear heels with jeans! The last time I did my buddies gave me heck. I also don't like the way some of them look at me now. Never again!


Anonymous said...

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