Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 Unusual Makeup Brushes

My favorite makeup brushes are dual-duty and just plain fantastic.  Below are just three of my unusual favorites. Whats yours?

1.  Double-Ended Precision Brush by Bare Escentuals
I use the tapered end to apply any of my eyeshadows. Whether its just over the eyelid, an accent in the crease, or just swept under the lashline.  The pointed end is great for applying eyeshadow as an eyeliner and blending.  Yours for the price of $28.

2. Mineral Foundation Brush by Mary Kay
I've used three different types of brushes for my mineral foundation and this is my favorite.  The flat brush allows the powder to apply smoothly on my face, rather than getting stuck in the edges of the typical round brush.  Best part about this? It's a STEAL for $10.  Get it 20%-40% off by ordering it from Lindsey, see "Discounts" page for details.

3.  Smudger Brush by The Body Shop
This brush is intended for smudging and blending eyeshadow.  I use it to apply my base coat on my entire lid.  The large foam head allows me to apply the eyeshadow in one swift motion, covering the lid as quickly and accurately as possible.  Also a steal for $10.50.

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