Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Pathetic Attempt at Outdoor Shots

Remember when there were a few days last week that were warm and perfect?  This outfit happens to be from then but I kept it until this week to remind myself what will be coming (hopefully soon)!  Also, below is not my "sultry" face, its my "its really bright and I'm hurrying before the neighbors stare" face.  There is a difference.

A random sidenote on these bermudas (and to show how long I've owned them): A boy in college asked me to go golfing with him just because he thought these shorts belonged there.  So I went and he was amazed at how well I golfed.  And then I accidentally broke his club.  We'll leave that part of the story for another day...on to the closeup!

Bermudas are from Dillards (long time ago), shirt from DownEast Basics, belt from Gap, necklace from ShopBop, earrings from Nordstrom, shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, purchased from Nordstrom.

I'll leave you with a little sneak peek of what's coming tomorrow:  something my husband had to do for me AND something just for you!


Fashion By Alicia said...

Cute outfit. I hope your weather warms up. It is already hideously hot in Florida.

Image Envy said...

Trade you for two days? :)