Monday, May 2, 2011

Makeover Monday: How I Keep Busy During Finals

I know Makeover Monday features a person getting a makeover, but since Husband has been busy with finals the last couple weeks, I did a makeover on a lamp.  Two, actually.  They are identical so we'll treat them as one.  Next week we'll be back to that person stuff.  Until then, enjoy the lamp(s).

I swiped the original lamps from my mom (thanks mom!) who I think bought them from Lowes.  I spray painted the base and bought new white lampshades for 7.99 each.  I taped off the parts I didn't want painted and colored the rest yellow.  I used acrylic paint which gave me the color that I wanted, BUT next time I would use screen print paint for the reasons stated in this blog post here.  The lamps belong in Little Miss S's room which is decorated in bright pink, green, and of course, yellow.  Enjoy!

Makeover Mondays are now happening on the Image Envy blog!  Want your own makeover regardless of where you live? Enter your information here!

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