Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Shop Smart: Be Nice

**This was posted originally on May 12 but because of Blogger technical difficulties, it is being reposted.**

This may seem like common sense in the how-tos of shopping smart, but being nice not only makes a good shopping experience, it has its perks.

For example, Husband and I went shopping to add a few items to his business casual wardrobe.  We knew we needed 2 dress shirts and at least one pair of pants, but they also needed to coordinate with what he already had (remember the rule of three?).  We walked into a chain store and have never received better service - she checked up on us, she fetched what we wanted so I didn't have to drag the stroller around the store, she asked people to move for us so we could get the stroller around, she was magnificent.  We put several items on hold and checked out a few other stores. 

After a terrible shopping experience at other stores (what is it about a baby that makes salespeople run from you?), we made our way back to the first store with the great saleslady.  As she was checking us out I told her about how she was the best customer service we'd seen all day and if there was a manager I should compliment her to.  There wasn't anyone to talk to (I think she was the manager) but she told me about the survey on the receipt for 15% off my next purchase and then gave me a $40 discount right off our total and extra coupons.  With the sales that were going on plus the discount she gave us, it saved Husband and I $150!!

This isn't the only time being nice and friendly to the sales staff has benefited me - I've had exchanges/returns when they weren't supposed to, I've been let in on when new sales were going to start, I've found out about how to get better coupons in my e-mail, the list goes on and on.  So next time you're at the mall or wherever you shop, go out of your way to thank the people helping you and see what it can do for you!

Find out other ways to shop smart, how-tos, and leave me a comment about how being nice while shopping has helped you!

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