Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Venting and a Little Review

Some of you may have noticed I've been absent from my blog this week.  I'd love to say it was because I was on some amazing vacation, but the truth is, I went on a vacation by myself - I just checked out from the online world.  The last two weeks have been crazy and frustrating.  There's been a trip to the ER for Little Miss S (it all turned out fine), my husband started finals for law school so he's been absent, Little Miss S is also breaking ground with tooth #2 and having a growth spurt. So, in between 10-month-old melt downs, dinner with hubby, chasing the little one around naked all the time and wondering how my child all of a sudden became so dirty after every nap (dried snot, wet hair, tears, the works!), I decided to take a break from blogging.  I hope you understand.  I'm aware this is a stage of raising children but I guess I was hoping it would come in 6 months.  Now my fear is it will last for 6 months! Next week will be better (hopefully).  :)

So onto the review!  I recently won a $100 giftcard to ShopBop from Wardrobe Oxygen (thanks again!!).  During the Challenge, I realized two things: (1) I needed more accessories and (2) I have nothing gold.  So when I won the gift card, guess what I bought?  Gold Accessories.  Remember this gold outfit?  The necklace (my Mr. T necklace according to hubby) and the headband came from ShopBop. 

I surprisingly love the Mr. T necklace.  I knew it was somewhat of a gamble with that much gold IN YOUR FACE but I wanted something long and something that knotted at the end (think tassel-like) and this worked out perfectly.  I LOVE the headband, but its made for someone with a ginormous head - I don't want to return it, so I'll be doctoring the elastic to make it fit better.  It's completely loose on my head right now.  Add some curls and I've got enough hair to keep it in!

My third piece that I bought from ShopBop was a simpler gold necklace - a little sweet chain with some added pearls, pictured above.  Does anyone else think all they see is lips in the above picture?  This is the after picture for the Mary Kay contest and all I see is LIPS.  I've been thinking about trying a bright red lipstick but I don't know if my non-existent lips can handle that much attention.  Maybe its because I'm wearing lip liner, and I never wear lip liner.  How do you line a top lip that disappears when you smile?!?

My experience with ShopBop was fabulous - I LOVE the fact that shipping and handling is free.  It makes online shopping much more enjoyable.  And my order was at my house in three days.  It was bliss.  It was easy to keep track of what I liked and easy to thumb through their inventory.  I recommend a look!  Have you tried it out yet?

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