Thursday, February 3, 2011

Must-Have Accessory for the Winter: Bootights

Bootights Womens Designer Herringbone Socks, Black, SmallBootights Womens Mid Calf Tights, Charcoal, MediumBootights Womens Designer Argyle Socks, Black, LargeBootights Womens Mid Calf Tights, Chocolate, Medium
I am guilty.  When its freezing cold outside and I'm in my skirt and boots, I wear both tights and an obnoxious pair of white tennis socks.  It's not a pretty sight if I ever have to take off my shoes to go inside someone's house.  Genius Shelby Mason designed Bootights - a way to never be embarrased of your socks/tights combo again.

Bootights are socks built conveniently into your tights, made specifically for the cold months of boot-wearing.  Coming in a variety of height (ankle or calf), colors (black, chocolate, ro charcoal), and patterns (cable knit, argyle, fishnet, etc.), the right pair of Bootights is out there for you.   Cost averages around $30.00.

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