Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Things, Who Can Say No?

This entire post is dedicated to getting something for it might just be your favorite for the day.

First item of business, you may have noticed my Deals of the Day posts have ceased.  Well, they haven't ceased so much as moved.  To Twitter.  It's easier to dedicate one tweet to a good deal rather than an entire post.  But trust me, if there's a screamin' deal, I'll post it here too.  So today you should check out my Twitter page (@imageenvyblog), because there are some great sales going on this weekend.  AND if you follow me, it could enter you in the giveaway, as long as you leave a comment!

So on to number two:  the Giveaway.  The celebration of 10,000 hits!  See what's in the Goodie Bag and enter to win - there's five possible entries per person!

Next, Rue La La is giving you a $20 credit if you sign up with them before April 25 (next Monday) using my invite.  You have to spend the $20 before May 25, but how hard will that be?

Last, but not least, Lindsey, the giver of a great deal on the Mineral Foundation Brush, is also offering you the chance to win $2,500 cash for putting on makeup.  No really.  Email her ( and she'll send you a makeover in the mail.  Take a before and after picture, answer 1 of 3 questions, and submit your pictures.  Easy enough to win a nice chunk of cash?  I thought so too.

Happy *free* shopping!

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