Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Trend: Over the Knee Boots

Alright, alright.  Even though I was a skeptic about these when they first started coming out, I'll admit I've started shopping for a pair of my own over-the-knee boots. 
We all know how much I love to lengthen my legs, but I knew that unless I was wearing a mini-skirt with these thigh-riding boots, my legs would look as short as stumps.  Since I'm not one to be wearing a mini-skirt, we needed an alternate outfit for this trend.  And then I saw women wearing these boots over skinny jeans and it looked great while lengthening their legs!  And yes, I did say skinny jeans don't flatter anyone because they point to your hips.  But if you put on an over-the-knee boot on top, it helps anchor your leg so the skinny jean isn't pointing to how big your hips are!  Problem solved, time to shop!

Personal favorites?
From Piperlime (where over-the-knee boots are ranked #1 on their fall trend list):

From Endless:

From Zappos:

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