Friday, August 20, 2010

Closet Constant: The Perfect Jean

I'm a big believer in pieces for your wardrobe that will last through trends, seasons, and years. I like to call them Closet Constants - your great basic pieces, like your favorite t-shirt, the little black dress, the classic pump, etc. Most of my clients who struggle with their closets and feel like they never have anything to wear have invested too much in trends and fads. They don't have a classic go-to outfit, for whatever type of occasion. Closet Constants should be the staple pieces in everyone's wardrobe.

Today's Closet Constant is the perfect pair of jeans for your body. The kind you can throw on for a afternoon in the park or you can dress up for a night on the town. Read on for why you need it, where you can find it, and how to get it at a great price.

Why you need it: The jean! Denim! Who doesn't own at least two pairs? It's the perfect solution to the "I don't feel like getting ready today" symptoms! The best part? If you get the perfect pair of jeans for your body type, you can throw on the jeans, add some jewelry to accessorize, a great pair of heels, and head out the door feeling confident - you know you'll always look good in your favorite jeans!

Where you can find it: It's harder to find a store that doesn't sell jeans than to find a store that does. Even White House Black Market, a retailer that sells predominately all white and black clothes, sells denim. You can find it anywhere. The trick is to find the retailers, boutiques, and brands that sell the fit you like best.

Bootcut: The bootcut comes in slightly at the knee and then gradually flares out at your foot. Complementary for everyone, this jean is the most versatile for any body type - even adding some curve to the rectangular bodies out there!

Straight: The straight fit is a slender fit from you hips down to your foot. This fit comes in a close second on how versatile it can be to body shapes. This type of fit will also outlast the skinny trend and is more flattering anyhow!

Flare: The flare jean is slender from the hip to the knee and flares from the knee to the foot. This type flatters best for triangular and oval body types.

Skinny: Alright, I'll admit it. Skinny doesn't look good on anyone. Even if you are as rectangular as they come, skinny jeans are just going to make your hips look huge. They will even point to how big they have made your hips look. Having admitted that, I have seen freakishly long-legged woman who look like poles more than humans, and they look good in skinny jeans. For the rest of us normal, average, humans, steer towards a straight leg rather than skinny.

How to get it at a great price: The easiest way to get it at a great price is to shop the sales (of course). But, if you're in a pinch and need a great pair of jeans quick, here are some places that have great jeans at a good price: Target, H&M, and Gap.

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