Friday, April 22, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I thought I'd give gold a try.  What do you think?
Jeans, Sweater, and Belt from Gap (I didn't think I shopped there that much)
Undershirt from ModBod
Necklace and Headband from ShopBop
Shoes are Enzo Angiolini from Macys

Close up of the headband

And now what you've been waiting for....the Goodie Bag Giveaway Winner!!
Congratulations Katie from Fashion Frugality


Katie said...

Love this look! The gold looks perfect with this shade of green. Also, I love your hair! How do you get waves like that? I think I may just been inept at doing my hair (especially when it is short)... Ha ha. :)

Thank you so much! I am SO excited that I won! I am replying to your email right now!!

Image Envy said...

Thank you! I'm actually doing a post on my hair next week, so check it out then!!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Looks great on you! GO GOLD!

Image Envy said...

Thanks Gabby! I'm glad I bought the pieces!