Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Shop Gap

How to shop Gap this Black Friday?  Like any other day, but the thing you must remember is to keep you receipt.  Why?  Because if you go back in a week and the item you bought is lower in price, Gap will refund you the difference between the new price and what you paid. 

Also, check to see when the Gap in your area does markdowns.  I believe its usually Tuesday (could be Wednesday) and if you get in early you can find some major steals.  Like the $2 shorts I found last week, or the $2 tights I found the week before....Yep, I love Gap sales.

Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

Kaci said...

Missed having you to shop with on Black Friday. Probably you already know but out here the Gap had everything 50% off until 10 a.m. YAY! Except I felt a little buying myslef stuff.

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