Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Closet Constant: The White Shirt

I'm a big believer in staple pieces for your wardrobe that will last through trends, seasons, and years. I like to call them Closet Constants.

Today's Closet Constant is the basic white shirt.  The white shirt fits everyone's fashion personality - from the button-down to the t-shirt, there's a white shirt for everyone.  Every time it gets stained (which happens too often) or grown out of, it always needs to be replaced.  Always.

Why you need it:  There are endless ways to accessorize a white shirt.  Pick the color of the season and go crazy - shoes, bangles, hair pieces, belts.  Throw a great jacket or sweater over the top.  Dress it up with boots, slacks.  Dress it down with tennis shoes, jeans, and a hat.  No matter how you wear it, its always a great clean classic look.

Where you can find it:  Um....anywhere.  Really.  Walk into any store and you'll find it.  And if you really don't believe me, just walk into White | Black.  Its guaranteed they have a white shirt.  But find the one that works for you.  If you're not a button-up kind of gal, don't go to White | Black.  Don't count out department stores - they have great sales and a great variety.  Check them out too!

How to get it at a great price:  Since white shirts are always in season, you'll be hard-pressed to find a closeout sale on them. So shop with coupons or during store wide sales to get the best price.

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