Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Money Money Money

Usually when people want me to go shopping with them they get really worried. They assume because I enjoy wearing nice clothing, I spend lots of money.
Here's a hint: I'm a college student, and therefore, I'm broke.
I shop on the sales rack!
Now that worries people too! They think if you shop sale, you shop trash. Not so. Pick your favorite store, figure out their cycle - when they get new shipments in, how often things go on sale. If you are a common size, sometimes you can afford to wait the two weeks until it goes on sale. If you're lucky to ever find your size, sale racks may not be for you and you may pay full price. Always shop end of season sales. You may not be able to wear them for a season, but you saved money, and if it isn't trendy, it will last you more seasons to come!

Note - If you are on a deadline - you need a dress for tonight or a sport coat for that party tomorrow, good luck shopping sales, you might pay the price for late notice!


Barbara said...

Nice Job. I find the information useful and feel encouraged to try something new. Thanks!

The Perkins Clan said...

As always, very helpful. My only problem with shopping end of season sales is that I might not be the same size next season. So, that doesn't always work for me. What are some of your favorite "haunts" for clothes hunting? You know, hunting season is almost here. ;)