Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dressing Up

My boyfriend and I recently had the opportunity to go to the Utah Festival Opera and watch The Most Happy Fella and Showboat up in Logan. Not only were both phenomenal performances, but we had the opportunity to dress up for the event. Which is interesting, especially because the "older" generation thinks that "dressing up" is a foreign idea to my generation. But I have good news for all, not only were stares in our direction because we might have been one of the few younger couples there, but we also might have been one of the best dressed couples there.
Which is exactly what I like to be.
So, the moral of the story is, it's okay that people look at you. I'm kidding.
But the importance of learning how to dress up is valuable. Unfortunately, too many people judge others by their "covers" and looks and you should always be putting your best foot forward, and also your best look. So get out and do something fun and DRESS UP!


The Perkins Clan said...

Too cute Ash! You both look great. And very happy.

Amy said...

I love dressing up for dates on the town! It makes it that much more special. And who doesn't appreciate a good stare from across the room?