Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bummed Out

I have realized two things recently that totally bum me out:

1. Since we recently moved to Ohio, I no longer have a Nordstoms near me. Life without Nordstroms? No half-yearly sale? No great shoe department that fits my skinny narrow feet? No great bathrooms with the best mother's room you'll ever find? Seriously, what am I gonna do? MAJOR bummer.

2. Layers Clothing, my FAVORITE provider of fun, not-so-casual, modest clothing has still not recovered from the fire in their warehouse last November. Yes, everything they had burned down, but don't they know I'm waiting for their newest line?

Even though Nordstroms is too far away (I'm sure I'll still make the drive), I have my fingers crossed Layers will be up and running soon. Thank goodness for online shopping!

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