Friday, June 24, 2011

Green with Envy

Green shirt from Nordstrom, white undershirt from ModBod, pants from Anchor Blue, and hidden shoes are Bandolino.  Earrings from Dillards, necklace from Cookie Lee, and bracelets were a gift.

Speaking of Green, is anyone else excited for the new Muppet movie??  Not only am I HUGE fan of the Muppets but I love love LOVE Amy Adams!

Search for bandolino shoes


The Bookness said...

The movie trailes is hillarious. LOL. Your blog is amazing and Im following now. Maybe youll visit me one day too. =)

Lindsey Smith said...

Love the pants. Super cute on you!

Image Envy said...

@The Bookness - Sounds good! :)

@Lindsey Smith - They are perfect for summer, light and comfy!

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