Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion Friendly: Arkº

"Arkº is unique in that it's a not for profit movement that wants to promote an aspirational way of life through fashion."

Welcome to Arkº clothing - where its not just a brand and its even more than a statement.  Arkº is a commitment to do Acts of Random Kindness (Arkº) everytime you wear their label.  Its not a clothing line, its a movement.  Founded by Cameron Stewart in Ireland in 2008, Cameron's goal was not on money but on a lifestyle.  Every Friday, Arkº announces via Facebook their Friday Challenge - a simple Act of Random Kindness to perform that day with international responses.

Arkº sells T-shirts (25 euro, approx. 33 dollars) for guys and girls, and underwear for both as well - just in case you're in the mood for "undercover kindness."  Shipping costs 3 euro (approx. 4 dollars) and takes 3 business days.  Check them out here or on their facebook page here.

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