Monday, October 4, 2010

Fabulous Fabrics: Tweed

Definition: a wool fabric made up of two or more colors in a twill weave (a pattern of parallel diagonal lines).

Tweed can usually be found in jackets and suits during the fall season.  Made up of any colors and a variety of patterns, it makes an excellent layering item for those cool days.  Good quality tweeds are made 100% of wool, although you can find a good quality item made of a mixture of mostly wool and polyester.  My current favorites are from J. Crew:

How to care for it:  Because most tweeds are made of wool, throwing it in the washer isn't the smartest idea, unless you want a mini-tweed item.  Some tweeds are now mixed with a polyester, but your best bet is to follow the care instructions on your clothing item.  Dry cleaning is always a safe bet with this type of fabric.  Wrap in plastic or in a cedar chest for long-term storage.

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