Monday, July 21, 2008

How to Dress a Triangle Body

Defination Triangle: Smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom.
Your hips are wider than your chest or shoulders.

The easiest way to dress a triangular figure is to not bring attention to your hips. That's an obvious. So, skinny/pencil jeans are out. The best way to take attention away from your hips is to even them out with something that broadens the look on top.
  • A puff sleeve will widen the look of your shoulders balancing your shoulders with your hips.
  • A boat-neck will elongate the look of your shoulders, bringing attention to your neck, and not your hips.
  • A blouson top works well for keeping your body a nice even shape.
  • Try to broaden the look on top, instead of on bottom - wide leg pants are also out for most who have triangular shapes. (Avoiding extremes is always a good idea)

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