Thursday, February 21, 2008

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Wedding Dress?

Whether it's summer or winter, women have bared more than their soul. Skimpy mini-skirts, lowest-riding pants, and cleavage-baring outfits have tried to squeeze into the workplace, but now they are aiming towards a new market: weddings.

Ruth La Ferla from The New York Times states that these "temptress styles . . . may be better suited to a gala or boudoir than to a church." Women are seeing their weddings as long-awaited spotlights and are dressing for the occasion. Pnina Tornai, a New York designer, is "[y]ielding to client's demands...specialzi[ng] in patently vixenish gowns."But not all dresses are tiny and curve-hugging, La Ferla says, "there is the increasingly popular option of topping the dress with a shawl, stole or bolero." That took me by surprise - something they borrowed from Utah perhaps?

La Ferla, Ruth. "The Bride Wore Very Little," The New York Times.
February 21, 2008. Page E1, E9.

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